Welcome to Reece-Cycled Fun!

The company’s name embraces Reece Arnold’s passion for the environment which is evident in the products that the company produces and markets. The company launched with Reece’s creation of two mind-bending board games, 8 All-In and Number Kruncher. Reece is now expanding the company’s products with his first book, Mike’s Big Space Adventure, and a sustainable fashion line.

Through his creative works and company, Reece hopes to inspire other people with autism and those with challenges to follow their dreams and reach for the stars.

A portion of the proceeds from Reece’s products will benefit autism related charities.

NEW! Reece-Cycled Fun! Sustainable Fashion Line

Reece hand selected the colors and designs for this line of sustainable products that fit right into his company’s green mission. All items are handcrafted in New Bedford, Massachusetts by Refried Apparel (read more about Refried below).

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Tote Bag


About Refried Apparel:

Refried Apparel is a company committed to preserving the environment through sustainable practices by taking a leading role with its innovative upcycling methods and fashion forward thinking.

As an upcycling company, Refried is dedicated to reducing clothing waste by transforming surplus/unsold inventory to give it a second life.

Find out more at https://refriedapparel.com/

Announcing a new children’s book written by Reece and illustrated by Sandra Hall

Mike’s Big Space Adventure is about Mike, a young boy who loves astronomy. One night, he has a dream he becomes a shooting star and travels through different galaxies in space, meeting new friends – and getting into some scary situations – but having a wonderful adventure along the way!