Mike’s Big Space Adventure


  • Printed in the USA
  • Hard cover
  • 10″x8″ size
  • 32 pages including full page color illustrations by Sandra Hall

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Mike’s Big Space Adventure is about Mike, a young boy who loves astronomy. One night, he has a dream he becomes a shooting star and travels through different galaxies in space, meeting new friends – and getting into some scary situations – but having a wonderful adventure along the way!

A portion of the proceeds from Reece’s book will benefit autism related charities.


“Hi Reece, I got the books and just read one. Excellent job, Reece!! 👍👏 Young children love books about space. It’s quite creative and the fact sheet is a bonus!! I still substitute and I’ll be sure to bring and read the book to the appropriate grades, and make sure to tell them you were a former student!!”
-Susan J.

“Our niece loved Reece’s book. She wouldn’t put it down over Christmas. I hope he does a series.”
-Ray C.

“We just received your books today and I immediately read it cover to cover with great pride and fascination. I found the story to be playful, compassionate, full of hope and acceptance. Thank you for being an inspiration to others and myself alike.”
-Clint O.

“Great book I bought one for my granddaughters and they love it! He is truly amazing.”
-Susan R.

“He is a wonderful young man! I read his book and was fascinated. I’m sure our grandchildren will love it!”
-Margaret H.

“My kids love the book! Thank you Reece! And yes- a sequel, please!”
-Vanessa L.

“The book is great! I’m glad to have a signed copy!”
-Meg F.

“I have the book signed by the author! It was given as a gift to my nephew, I can’t wait to read it to him!!”
-Kim C.

“Just got your book, so creative! It must be so exciting having a book published! There are several teachers in my family and I will be sharing this book with them, they will love it!”
-Audrey A.